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    Whilst we may aspire to recreate the beauty of Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle, there is often very little about our lives that resembles royalty.

    Royal jelly is naturally created by bees.

    Those little black and yellow insects might be more synonymous with honey, but they actually create a lot of things that we can make use of aside from what we spread on our toast.

    In addition to royal jelly, we have also discovered the propolis that they create is a popular choice amongst consumers too.

    These two incredible natural ingredients have now been incorporated into supplements and beauty products, to allow us to harness everything they offer, to leave you feeling like a queen!


    Royal jelly has its auspicious name because it is actually a gelatinous substance that is used to feed queen bees and their young.


    It is secreted from glands in the heads of worker bees and is used to help develop bee larvae into queens.


    Royal jelly is stored in the hive around the larvae where it can be harvested. It contains a variety of nutrients and its composition can vary, depending on where in the world it was created, as its makeup is determined by the trees and plants in the surrounding area.


    We all know that bees are essential to life on this planet, and they bring us a great number of benefits including acting as vital pollinators.

    Not only do bees help in the production of royal jelly, they also produce a further compound called propolis which they use to build their hives.


    It is collected by honeybees from buds and trees containing resin, essential oils and waxes.


    Bee Health Propolis Capsules make it easy to add these bioflavonoids to your body without any added sugar, salt or colours.


    Each easy to swallow capsule contains 1000mg of high potency propolis and can be taken daily.

    Royal jelly is made up of water, carbohydrates, protein and fatty acids. It contains nine unique glycoproteins, several B vitamins and trace minerals. Whilst many scientific studies have reported numerous health benefits in relation to royal jelly use in humans, none of these benefits have been verified and authorised by UK and EU food standards authorities.


    The Holland & Barratt Royal Jelly 100mg Capsules are a rich source of naturally occurring nutrients which can be taken on a daily basis.


    There are other ways to make use of organic royal jelly or bee propolis instead of supplements.


    The Dr Organic Royal Jelly Body Wash gives a unique rejuvenating and replenishing effect.


    Propolis and myrrh have been added to The Natural Family Co Natural Toothpaste to help give you whiter teeth and fresh breath.


    Whilst we still have a lot to understand about royal jelly and propolis, there are definitely a lot of options available to choose from.


    These simple supplements are easy to work into daily life, and you don’t need to be Queen Bee to enjoy them!


    Make sure that you check with your doctor before making any dramatic changes to your diet or lifestyle, particularly if you are taking other medications.

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