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    We all know that supplements are a great way to enhance your health as part of a balanced diet. So don’t forget about your furry friends too!

    There are lots of supplements available for animals, which can help to support bones and joints, keeping your pet happy and healthy.

    When supplements are given alongside a well-balanced diet made up of quality pet foods, they can provide extra nutrition for your pet.

    A lot of supplements for pets use ingredients which you will already be familiar with from supplements for humans.

    Which pet supplements are available?

    There is a wide range of supplements available for your pet, focussing on different areas of their bodies, from their skin and coats to their bones and joints.

    Here are some of our favourite cat and dog vitamins, perfect for our best friends:

    Milk thistle

    Milk thistle can help to maintain a healthy liver in both dogs and cats, helping to protect the liver against toxins.

    In addition to this, milk thistle has anti-oxidant and soothing properties.

    Denes Milk Thistle+ Powder for Cats and Dogs is a complementary herbal pet food for both cats and dogs which contains both milk thistle and dandelion root.

    Dandelion root can help to remove toxins from your pet’s body. Milk thistle for dogs can help to work against indigestion.


    If your dog or cat is slightly older or has suffered from an injury, it can be good idea to give them a joint supplement.

    Glucosamine can help to support the repair of damaged cartilage and also supports the production of the fluid which lubricates the joints.

    Glucosamine for dogs and cats is one of the most popular pet supplements and these dog joint tablets can really help to support improved mobility.

    Holland & Barrett Glucosamine for Pets contains chondroitin proprietary blend and MSM alongside glucosamine.

    This glucosamine for cats and dogs comes as tablets, which are easy for your pet to take.

    Green lipped mussels

    Another supplement to help with your pet’s joints is green lipped mussel extract or powder.

    This is naturally high in omega oils and other fatty acids to help support the joints, which see a lot of wear and tear from the amount of walking, running, jumping and playing that our pets do.

    Green lipped mussels are so called because they have a green line around the edge of their shells and they are only found in the waters off New Zealand.

    Denes Green Lipped Mussel Extract with Glucosamine+ Powder for Cats and Dogs comes in a powdered form and has the benefit of added glucosamine for extra support for the joints.

    Other pet products

    It is not just supplements that are available to keep your pet healthy.

    There are also a wide range of products to help keep them calm, relieve itching and irritation and keep their teeth and ears clean.

    Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs

    Denes Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs comes in an easy to use ear cleaning solution and contains both tea tree oil and chamomile, to help remove excess build-up of wax and debris from your pet’s ears.

    If your pet will let you near their teeth, then it is a good idea to clean them a couple of times a week.

    M&C Fresh Breath & Dental Care Paste is a cat and dog toothpaste which eliminates the need for a brush.

    Simply add to the teeth and gum line and massage from the outside or add to your pet’s food for clean teeth and fresh breath.

    Oral Hygiene Solution

    VetIQ 2 in 1 Denti Care Oral Hygiene Solution is also easy to use: just add to your pet’s drinking water to help maintain their dental hygiene.

    How can I keep my pet calm?

    There are lots of situations which can be very stressful for our pets, as they can often be very sensitive to changes in atmosphere, lifestyle and daily routine.

    Some are scared of thunder and lightning or fireworks, while others do not like to be left alone.

    There are a few options to keep your pet calm including cat and dog calming tablets, drops and diffusers.

    VetIQ Serene-UM Calm is suitable for separation anxiety, noise phobias and hyperactivity and comes in a tablet form which can either be given to your pet whole (maybe disguised in a slice of ham!) or crushed and sprinkled over their food.

    It is suitable for both cats and dogs.

    VetIQ also offer a similar formula in the form of drops.

    These are perfect for pets who are anxious or frightened and work to relax pets without causing drowsiness or impacting on their normal behaviour.

    But if your dog or cat will not take these, there are also calming diffusers available.

    Unex Remedy Plug In is a blend of calming essential oils which is plugged in and released slowly throughout the room.

    It is ideal for de-stressing for all pets including cats, dogs, birds, small mammals and horses. 


    Just as with humans, sometimes our furry friends sometimes need a little extra nutritional support. 


    While most dog and cat foods will provide plenty of vitamins and minerals, some animals may benefit from additional pet supplements.


    Dog vitamins and cat vitamins can be especially beneficial for older pets or for those on a restrictive diet due to delicate tummies or food allergies.

    If your pet enjoys a food advertised as ‘complete’ he or she is likely to get all the vitamins and minerals that they require. 


    However, if you feed them on foods marked as ‘complementary’ or on home-made foods, your best friend may benefit from a pet specific multivitamin. 


    These supplements will contain ingredients you are used to seeing in your own tablets, such as B vitamins, vitamin C and zinc, but in proportions most suitable for dogs or cats.


    Some dog supplements are aimed at particular concerns – a healthy, shiny coat, digestive issues and so on – whereas others are age-based. 


    Senior dogs in particular may benefit from a multivitamin formulated to support aging pets.


    Especially recommended, fish oil for dogs can support a shiny coat, good eye health and is even thought to help with brain development. 


    Taken from puppyhood, this excellent source of omega 3 for dogs helps with all round health for his entire life.

    Often recommended for older pets, glucosamine for dogs and cats may help your little pal keep jumping for frisbees and stalking bugs for longer and with less discomfort. The best joint supplement for dogs and cats, glucosamine helps to cushion joints.

    If you have ever dealt with a bout of doggy indigestion or kitten diarrhoea, you will probably be very keen to stock up on milk thistle for dogs and cats.


    Recommended for healthy livers, milk thistle can also soothe stomach upsets. 


    Coupled with dandelion root, it can even help to tackle the unpleasant problems arising from Rover’s tendency to eat the things he really should not.

    A house move, a new baby, loud noises…just like us, pets can suffer during times of stress. 


    If your dog or cat is wide eyed, timid and shaky, a natural supplement may help. 


    Many of these contain soothing tryptophan, along with other ingredients designed to calm your pet naturally.


    Alternatively, plug-in diffusers containing soothing essential oils are a hands-off way to help calm highly strung pets.

    Most pets, especially cats, will fight tooth and claw against tablet taking. 


    That is why most pet supplements are given a temptingly meaty flavour. Most are chewable too. This means that supplements become a treat, taking the stress out of vitamin time.


    If your pet is particularly suspicious of your advances, you might instead choose a liquid supplement which can be simply stirred into their normal food.

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