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Liquid Collagen & Silica

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    It’s easiest to think of collagen as the building blocks of the body. Categorised as a structural protein, it connects tendons, ligaments and muscles and gives your skin its elasticity and structure – it’s also the basis of strong and healthy bones.

    Specific amino acids like glycine, proline hydroxyproline and arginine all feature in collagen. You’ll find many of these in supplement form and in a variety of high protein foods, including bone broth.


    In addition, collagen is also the most common protein in the body, where it’s naturally produced. So why would you ever need collagen supplements?


    For starters, your body begins to slow its collagen production after you reach 25. Another reason to explore collagen supplements is that smoking, ultraviolet light from the sun and consuming excessive sugar can decrease your collagen levels.

    The bodies of all animals, including humans, contain large amounts of the protein collagen. Collagen is what adds structure and strength to skin, as well as to organs, bones, tendons and ligaments.


    Marine collagen is a type of collagen protein sourced from fish and other sea life, such as jellyfish. It’s a growing market, with public demand increasing following a series of successful studies into its effectiveness. Find out more about marine collagen.

    Collagen’s perceived benefits have been written about extensively.


    Here are just a few of the most common benefits written under review:


    - Bone health – collagen contributes to normal function of bones

    - Skin and nail health – collagen contributes to maintenance of normal skin and nails

    - Joint health – collagen helps maintenance of cartilage in the body which is integral to good joints


    Find out more about collagen and its benefits as well as top tips, expert advice and FAQs over on our Collagen Hub.

    If collagen is in all of us, silica is found everywhere else. A natural compound, it makes up over a quarter of the Earth’s crust and is found in rocks, sand and even some foods. Like collagen, silica has many different perceived benefits. These include the following:


    - Bone formation and maintenance – silica may help to improve your bone health, with a deficiency in silica believed to be partly linked to cartilage deterioration

    - Collagen production – some studies show silica can help your body’s production of collagen, which you’ve already read is linked to a number of skin and bone benefits

    The list of foods that contain silica includes but isn’t limited to:

    - Wholegrains

    - Green beans

    - Rice

    - Cucumbers

    - Tomatoes


    Similar to collagen, silica can be found in supplement form, with a range of silica capsules and tablets available on our website from leading supplement brands.


    Silica supplements are an excellent choice if your diet contains few of the above foods, or simply if you’re looking for supplements to add to your cabinet.

    Thanks to new studies and research, collagen and silica are quickly gaining popularity due to their proven benefits.

    Convenient and concentrated, liquid collagen supplements present an easy way of boosting your collagen intake. Whether you choose a delicious collagen drink or mix a simple sachet into your glass, you will reap all the benefits of taking collagen without having to swallow any tablets.

    Support your body with collagen

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, mainly found in your bones, muscles, tendons and skin. 

    Collagen helps structure tissues in your body, such as your skin, organs, bones, muscles, teeth and blood vessels. It plays a vital role in our bodies by helping to hold our cells together and providing strength and elasticity to your skin. 

    Our natural collagen levels decline as we age, and our collagen fibres start to weaken and become thinner. This depletion can result in skin ageing, so collagen is a popular ingredient in many skin care products. 

    Supporting your collagen production with an internal supplement can also help maintain your levels and prolong this depletion. Find out more about how collagen can benefit you here

    You can also maintain your collagen by eating a healthy, balanced diet with collagen-rich foods. These include foods such as:

    • Citrus fruits
    • Beef, chicken and pork
    • Eggs
    • Berries
    • Salmon

    What is liquid collagen?

    Liquid collagen is a supplement full of collagen proteins suspended in a liquid, like purified water. These collagen proteins are hydrolysed to make them smaller and easier for the body to absorb.

    The collagen found in liquid collagen products can come from various sources. The most common are marine collagen from fish and bovine collagen from cows. But don't worry, there are vegan options too!

    Finding the best collagen supplements for you

    Liquid collagen at Holland and Barrett is available in various forms, from collagen drinks to sachets and other concentrated liquids.

    Try the FYX Marine Collagen Water in Raspberry & Acai for a delicious and quick boost. Full of marine collagen proteins, throw this mouth-watering drink in your bag and drink throughout the day, or crack open a bottle with any meal to get your collagen fix. You can also find this drink with a tasty lemon and lime flavour.

    Packed full of hydrolysed, ethically-sourced marine collagen and with a delightful citrus flavour, take a Revive Collagen Premium Liquid Sachet as a shot or mix it in your drink to support your collagen from within. 

    For a vegan option, the Neocell Hyaluronic Acid Berry Liquid is the perfect blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and fruit juices that help to support your collagen formulation and keep your hair, skin and joints.

    If collagen in a liquid form isn’t for you, we have a wide array of collagen products ranging from tablets to powders and topical products to include in your skincare regime.