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    Charcoal is a natural product which has been used for centuries. Modern charcoal supplements are convenient, tasteless and very easy to take daily. Our charcoal range contains simple, effective charcoal supplements from leading brands.

    What Is In Our Charcoal Range?

    Our charcoal range contains charcoal and activated charcoal products for occasional use to ease symptoms such as wind, bloating. Every item in our charcoal section has been chosen for quality, ease of use and value for money. Stock up ahead of big celebrations, or keep a charcoal supplement at home.

    Why Use Our Charcoal Section?

    Suffering from a bloated stomach or trapped wind can be painful and embarrassing. Charcoal is an all-natural health supplement which could help. When you need to ease flatulence quickly, choose a charcoal supplement from our range. Holland & Barrett’s charcoal products makes it easy to find relief.

    Charcoal Products

    Holland & Barrett are the UK's favourite provider of specialist health and food supplements, including charcoal, and activated charcoal, in capsule and tablet form. Browse this specialist section to find the best product for you.

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