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    Magnesium is an important element that contributes to normal muscle function, and also helps maintains normal nerve and psychological functions. Help keep the fourth most abundant mineral in your body at a healthy level with products from Holland & Barrett Magnesium supplement range.

    Choose from magnesium tabletsmagnesium spray and magnesium drinks to find the perfect magnesium supplement for you!

    Magnesium is one of those minerals that you might not know much about, but it’s critically important for the body. So, what does magnesium do?


    More than 300 processes in the body need magnesium to function properly. For example, magnesium contributes to protein synthesis and is essential for cell division and healthy bones and teeth. It’s also vital for healthy muscle function, including your heart muscle, supporting the nervous system and regulating electrolytes, which help balance out the amount of water in your body.

    Magnesium has a wide-ranging effect on the body, some magnesium benefits include:


    Magnesium supports bone health: although calcium is the main player when it comes to bone health, magnesium is super important too! It plays an integral role in the structural development of our teeth and bones.


    Magnesium reduces tiredness and fatigue: feeling tired and lethargic for no good reason can be an indicator of ill health or a deficiency – especially if you still feel fatigued after getting good sleep, exercising and eating well. A lack of magnesium could be making you feel sleepy. This is because magnesium is necessary for transporting energy to each and every cell in your body.


    Magnesium keeps your muscles mobile: magnesium works with calcium in the body to contract and relax our muscles, with calcium triggering contraction and magnesium acting as a natural blocker to relax the cells.


    Magnesium contributes to normal nervous system function: magnesium is required for the normal functioning of the nervous system – which plays a big part in a lot of bodily processes, from the way we move to the way we think and feel.

    If you’re reading the labels on magnesium supplements and wondering, for example, what is magnesium citrate, these are the main types of magnesium available:


    • Magnesium glycinate – the best absorbed of all types of magnesium, as it’s the gentlest on the stomach

    • Magnesium citrate – this is also well-absorbed by the body

    Women need 270mg of magnesium a day, and men 300mg a day.

    Magnesium Tablets: the simple and easy way to make sure you’re getting all the magnesium you need.


    Magnesium Mineral Drink: don’t like taking tablets? How about a fruity magnesium drink instead? The magnesium is already absorbed into the liquid, so it can bypass the digestive system altogether.


    Magnesium Oil Spray: a few simple sprays and you’ll be on your way to optimum magnesium levels!


    Magnesium Flakes: sprinkle some of these magnesium flakes into your bath or foot spa to relax and top up your magnesium levels simultaneously.

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