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    Help maintain your bone health with some calcium!

    Support your bone and muscle health  by adding some of our calcium supplements into your daily routine.   

    Calcium is an essential nutrient that’s needed by the body for numerous vital functions, from helping us maintain healthy bones and teeth through to helping our blood to clot as it should.

    While most people get enough calcium through their diet, it’s possible for some – including vegans – to be deficient.

    What is calcium?

    Calcium is a type of mineral that’s found all around the human body, but mostly in the bones and teeth. While it can’t be produced naturally by the body, we can top up our calcium supplies by eating things like:

    • Dairy products
    • Soya products (including beans, tofu and fortified milk)
    • Leafy green vegetables
    • Nuts
    • Items made using fortified flour

    As dairy usually contains the highest concentration of calcium compared to other food groups, it’s not unusual for those who are vegan or lactose-free to not get enough.

    Why do we need calcium?

    Calcium is one of many essential vitamins and minerals we need to maintain and keep our bodies healthy. In particular, calcium is needed to:

    • Promote bone health and growth (especially in developing kids and teenagers)
    • Keep your teeth healthy
    • Ensure your muscles function normally
    • Allow your blood to clot normally if you are injured
    • Contribute to the normal function of digestive enzymes

    Calcium is particularly important for kids as it allows their bones to develop. Having a lack of calcium when you’re young could lead to stunted growth or weak bones which are more prone to breakages. Even when you’re an adult, calcium continues to maintain your bones and increase their density, so they stay in tip-top condition for as long as possible!

    How much calcium per day do I need?

    The recommend daily intake of calcium in the UK for adults is 700mg. Most people will get all they need through their meals; however, some may need to take a supplement.

    Our calcium tablets for adults come in a variety of doses and often include additional nutrients such as magnesium and zinc. Many supplements also contain vitamin D, another vital nutrient that’s thought to help the body absorb calcium more easily.

    As too much calcium can also negatively affect the body, it’s important that you only take calcium capsules if you’re actually deficient and have been advised to by a medical professional.

    Shop our complete range of calcium supplements below, from chewable calcium capsules in a range of strengths to calcium tablets featuring extra nutrients.  

    Calcium primarily contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function as well as the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Calcium is also instrumental in the contribution to normal blood clotting, to normal neurotransmission and to the normal function of digestive enezymes. Our calcium supplements come in liquid and chewable form alongside our calcium tablets. 

    Calcium Supplements

    Calcium is a natural mineral known to support healthy bones, teeth and other skeletal tissue. A balanced, healthy diet will supply a good amount of calcium, but it’s difficult to get the same precise amounts every day. Using a quality calcium supplement will give you confidence that you’re meeting your calcium needs. Support your body, protect your bones at every age by choosing a daily calcium supplement from our wide range of tablets, capsules, liquids and food supplements.

    What Is In Our Calcium Range?

    Our range of calcium products have been selected by experts so you can choose reliable, quality supplements. We’ve included daily calcium supplements, high-dose calcium, and combined calcium and vitamin/mineral products here so you can always find exactly what you need. There are products from our own, trusted in-house brand and from the best loved names in the world. The range includes:

    • Calcium Tablets
    • Chewable Calcium Supplements
    • Calcium and Magnesium
    • Calcium Liquid
    • Joint Care Supplements

    Take a look through our calcium products range to find the best supplement for your body.

    Why Use Our Calcium Section?

    We know that different people need different types of calcium supplements. Whether you prefer a capsule or tablet, a liquid supplement or a combination of calcium with other minerals and vitamins, we are confident you’ll find it here. With nearly 20 products from the best-known brands, our calcium range has everything you need.

    Calcium Products

    Holland & Barrett's health experts regularly update our calcium pages with the best quality items from brand names you know and love. Browse our range of tablets, capsules, liquid supplements and daily calcium health products to find a safe, reliable calcium supplement for your body. Holland & Barrett are proud to support you from the inside out.

    Holland & Barrett are committed to providing all our customers with supplements you can rely on every day.

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