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    Improve your mood with some St John’s Wort!

    If you’re prone to low moods or think you may suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), St John’s Wort could be your ideal supplement. It’s been used for hundreds of years as a natural treatment for mental health problems – including depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

    St John’s Wort benefits

    As an herbal remedy that’s been well used for centuries, it’s not surprising that St John’s Wort is thought to have a deluge of benefits. Some of the most researched benefits relate to how it can affect the brain, namely through two chemicals:

    Hyperforin – This phytochemical is considered the main active ingredient in St John’s Wort and is known for its potential antidepressant properties, namely the fact that it may increase levels of serotonin (the happy hormone).

    Hypericin – Formerly considered the active ingredient in St John’s Wort before it was replaced by hyperforin. It still plays a role in how the plant works thanks to its anti-viral properties and its ability to boost levels of dopamine in the brain which, in turn, can help lift your mood.

    Remember that St John’s Wort can interfere with some medications, so it’s worth speaking to a medical professional before you start taking any supplements.

    You’ll find our full range of supplement options below, from St John’s Wort capsules perfect for boosting your mood to St John’s Wort tablets with black cohosh which might help you tackle the symptoms of menopause.


    Hailing from Europe and certain areas of Asia, St John’s Wort is a pretty flowering plant that’s long been lauded for its medicinal purposes. It gets its English name from the fact it was traditionally harvested on St John’s Day (24th June) and then left to dry outside people’s homes as protection from bad omens or illnesses.

    Now you know about this herbal remedy’s potential benefits, let us enlighten you to its many uses:


    St John’s Wort can aid with depression and anxiety


    This is the most common use of this herbal supplement and some research has even shown that it may be just as effective at treating mild to moderate depression as some prescribed medicines!

    Studies shows that taking St John’s wort tablets for anxiety and depression can aid in elevating your mood and make you feel less nervous in stressful situations. It’s most effective for those who only have mild symptoms as it can interfere with the effects of prescribed medications over time.


    St John’s Wort may help you snooze better


    If you often have trouble getting to sleep at night, St John’s Wort supplements may be of benefit. That’s because some researchers believe the plant can trigger an increase of dopamine in the brain; it’s the hormone that’s responsible for making us feel relaxed and content. 


    St John’s Wort could aid with wound healing


    If you’re wondering whether there are any St John’s Wort benefits for the skin, you’re in luck! Some scientists think a topical form of the plant extract can successfully help heal wounds and reduce the appearance of scars over time.


    St John’s Wort might help with the menopause


    Many women who are going through the menopause have turned to St John’s Wort to soothe certain symptoms. That’s because when it’s combined with black cohosh (another popular herbal remedy), it’s thought to have some success at reducing hot flushes and regulating any mood changes.

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