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    Although a decline in eyesight can be normal as we age, loss in vision can be one of the scariest health problems we can face.

    For most people, sight is one of the more precious senses and it provides many of our most important clues about the world around us.   

    How to support your eyesight

    There are great quick and easy reads on how to look after your eye health on our Health Hub. ‘Five easy ways to look after your eyes’ lists the following as some of the most important things you can do:

    • Wear sunglasses
    • Take regular screen breaks
    • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
    • Stop smoking
    • Have regular eye tests

    However, there are a number of eye conditions that might require further medical attention, so that last one suggestion is especially important if you notice any sudden changes in your vision.

    Eye supplements

    There are various eye care supplements that can be useful when looking at ways to support your eyes.

    These are often nutritional, like capsules, tablets or gummies which contain vitamins, minerals or herbal ingredients.

    Other supplements for vision include eye drops.

    Eye vitamins

    There are many types of vitamins for eye health.

    But there are a few special nutrients that are worth highlighting.

    Vitamins for eyesight

    Some of the best vitamins for supporting vision are vitamins A, B2.

    Good all-rounders when it comes to eye vitamins are Holland & Barrett Vital Eyes and Visionace tablets.

    Vitamin A and carotenoids

    Of all the vitamins, one of the most commonly recommended for eyes is vitamin A.

    This is because of the way it works in the body. Most of us get plenty of vitamin A and its provitamin, carotenoids from our diet alone. Furthermore, our bodies can store vitamin A up for later.

    If you think you might not get enough of these foods in your diet, you might benefit from a supplement such as Holland & Barrett Vitamin A Softgel Capsules or Lutigold.

    Cod liver oil and DHA

    DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA.

    It can be found in oily fish.

    It is actually a major component of the retina – the layer of light-sensitive tissue in our eyes which allows us to see.

    You can get omega 3 from liquid cod liver oil or supplements such as Vitabiotics Ultra Cod Liver Oil Capsules.

    Alternatively, Holland & Barrett Maximum Strength Triple Omega 3-6-9 contains all the essential fatty acids in one tablet.


    Eyebright is actually the colloquial name for Euphrasia, a plant that has traditionally been used to support eye health. Modern remedies that harness the plant’s benefits include eyebright tablets such as Weleda Euphrasia 30C Tablets

    Holland & Barrett also sells food supplement Blueberry Vision Capsules that contains eyebright, which helps to maintain the function of vision.

    For those with dry irritated tried eyes we also sell A Vogel Eye Drops which contains Euphrasia.

    Our eye supplements come in a range of different forms, from liquid to capsules, or tablets to drops, our eye supplements are of the highest quality with some products suitable for vegans. Our products give you nutritional care for the support of eye health and have many other benefits too.

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