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    Natural supplements to support stress relief. Mother Nature has been kind to us in providing a number of naturally occurring compounds that may assist with reducing the symptoms of stress.

    Plant based Stress relief has been sought for millennia and this is why traditional herbal remedies for stress were created.

    In the last century or so we have become better at recognising that stress is not just a mental ailment, and herbal science has drawn from the plant kingdom a number of elements to help us calm down and lessen our symptoms.

    Rhodiola supplements

    Chief amongst these naturally occurring solutions is rhodiola rosea, a common herb.

    Rhodiola can be used to support someone suffering from stress because it has specific compounds found in it have shown in double-blind studies to aid in the management of stress, specifically mental fatigue.

    Rhodiola supplements have a number of benefits and can be taken by adults to provide temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress such as fatigue exhausation and mild anxiety, based on traditional use only.  

    Tablets containing rhodiola rosea are best taken a half hour prior to a meal to ensure best absorption.

    Rhodiola dosage, used correctly, is important and reading the label and product leaflet is advised.

    Bach flower remedies

    Bach flower remedies, named after Dr Edward Bach, are combinations of wild flowers, specifically designed to restore the balance between body and mind. 

    The well-known product Rescue Remedy harnesses a blend of a number of different Bach flower remedies.

    This blend of Bach flower essences has become a first choice in support for negative feelings for millions of people the world over.

    Bach flower rescue supplements can be taken in numerous different formats.

    These include convenient orange and elderflower lozenges (also known as Bach pastilles),  blackcurrant flavoured pastilles.

    Rescue pastilles are ideal as they can be discreetly stored in any pocket or handbag for quick, easy access.

    There is also a quick spray.

    The added good news is that a number of these Bach original flower remedies include the added benefit of naturally occurring vitamin B12, which is known to play an important role in supporting the function of the nervous system.

    There are night time formulations of each of these formats, for a natural night’s sleep.


    A natural response to challenging situations and difficult times, stress manifests itself in a number of different ways.


    Some people experience stress physically, suffering with headaches, a racing heart, tense muscles, stomach pains and even diarrhoea or nausea. 


    Most people find that stress causes them to become withdrawn or irritable and that it can disturb their sleep.

    Sometimes the causes of negative stress and anxiety are clear – a challenging work environment, the death of a loved one, a divorce or even a house move. 


    However, there can be times when we experience the physical effects of stress without recognising the cause of them. 


    This can often happen when lots of small problems build up over time or when we push our anxieties aside, in an attempt to ‘just get on with it’.


    It is important to recognise and deal with stress before it begins to impact our physical and mental wellbeing.

    There are lots of easy, inexpensive ways to relieve stress and the best stress relief of all is probably exercise. 


    Whether it is taking a bike ride, hitting the gym, swimming or joining a yoga class, exercise helps to release the endorphins that give you a sense of wellbeing and aid stress release. Focusing on exercise can also take your mind off the causes of stress and anxiety.


    Good stress relievers help you to feel relaxed and centred. Some people find simply reading a book, cooking or walking in nature provide adequate stress and anxiety relief. 


    For some, talking to a trusted friend can help. Others need additional support, which is where taking a calming supplement can come in.

    There are numerous stress relief and calming supplements on the market so it can be challenging to decide which is right for you.


    Some natural aids contain a single herbal extract, such as valerian or rhodiola which are licensed to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, while some, such as Rescue Remedy, combine a few extracts selected for their complementary effects.


    Choose a stress relief supplement based on your symptoms. If you are struggling to sleep passion flower, valerian or a night specific formula like Kalms Night may help you to enjoy a peaceful rest. 


    If you are experiencing fatigue and exhaustion  a traditional herbal remedy containing rhodiola can help provide temporary relief.

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