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    Support your child’s ability and wellbeing.

    As a parent, it’s natural to be interested in children’s health. After all, a healthy child is often a happy child – and that’s true whatever their age, from toddlers to early teens.

    We’re well-stocked with kids vitamins and a variety of Holland & Barrett and leading brand products to help your little ones and give you peace of mind.

    Good health in childhood is essential to a healthy life later on. It’s about giving your child the best possible start in life to help them play, learn and develop without any major complaints that may arise from being vitamin deficient or having a bad diet.


    In recent years, health officials, including the NHS, have shone a greater spotlight on children’s health, which has made parents more aware of what they feed their kids.

    While there are key differences between a child and an adult’s development, staying active and avoiding high sugar and high-calorie foods is universal for all ages.


    Children love to play, so exercise is never usually an issue, which leaves a healthy and well-balanced diet is one of the best ways to improve your child’s health.


    Of course, children can be very fussy. With their taste buds and eating preferences changing and developing constantly, making sure your child gets a healthy supply of essential fruits and vegetables isn’t always straightforward. It can be quite hard.


    Fortunately, there are hundreds of useful and convenient kids vitamins and supplements aimed at children of all ages, from flavoured gummies to chewable tablets.

    The importance of vitamins to your child’s health can’t be undermined, with so many benefits that your child will thank you for later. When taken together, they can:


    • Support your child’s immune system.
    • Maintain healthy bones and teeth while they grow and develop.
    • Maintain normalskin and eye health.
    • By supporting their metabolism associated with keeping their  energy levels up.


    Vitamins are the lynchpin of children’s health, but three vitamins stand out in particular when talking about babies, toddlers and children: vitamins A, C and D.


    The government recommends that children take supplements for vitamins A, C and D – especially as vitamin D (‘the sunshine vitamin’) is less prevalent in food. It’s believed 1 in 6 children are vitamin D deficient because of this. Fortunately, there is an array of vitamin D supplements to keep your child from falling into this bracket.

    Follow the government’s guidelines and choosing the right vitamin will be as simple as choosing your child’s favourite snack.


    If you’re new to vitamins and supplements, the first thing to look for is the recommended dosage. You can find this on most packs of kids’ vitamins, along with advice about when to take that specific vitamin.


    As a guideline, 8.5 mcg - 10 mcg of vitamin D is recommended for babies, providing they’re not drinking specially formulated milk. 10 mcg is suitable for children of all ages. However, this changes with vitamins C and A, so it’s best to consult Public Health England or the NHS if you’re unsure about the amount your child needs.


    Our vitamins includes a range of kids multivitamins, which will ensure they get the right dose of vitamins A, C and D. You’ll find all these and more in our kids’ products range.

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