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    Natural anxiety relievers

    With many methods of natural anxiety relief on the market, it is helpful to look at a few of the most popular.

    It is worth remembering that we all react to medicines, both traditional and modern, in different ways, so it might take time to find the right one for you.

    Supplements to support anxiety relief

    1. Kalms tablets

    One of the most popular brands for temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress is Kalms (based on traditional use only), which offers a variety of products, such as Kalms Day tablets and Kalms Night tablets.

    There are many other brands of valerian tablets out there, including Holland & Barrett’s own range, which includes passion flower extract.

    This traditional herbal medicinal product is used for the temporary relief of sleep disturbances due to symptoms of mild anxiety (based on traditional use only).

    2. Passion flower tablets

    Passion flower for anxiety has been used throughout the ages.

    It is thought to provide temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress including  mild anxiety (based on traditional use only). Passion flower extract can be found in tablets or herbal teas.

    3. Rhodiola tablets

    Rhodiola is another ancestral remedy that comes most often as a tablet.

    This traditional herbal medicinal product is used for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress, such as fatigue, exhaustion and mild anxiety (based on traditional use only).

    4. St John’s wort tablets

    St John’s wort is a plant that has traditionally been used to relieve symptoms of low mood and mild anxiety (based on traditional use only) and there is some scientific evidence to back this up.

    However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the tablets can interact with other medications, including the contraceptive pill, so a discussion about St John’s wort with your doctor prior to starting it is advised by the NHS.

    For expert advice, FAQs, top tips and more visit our Stress & Anxiety Wellness Hub.


    Anxiety is a perfectly normal response to stressful situations. In fact, those physical symptoms you feel in moments of anxiety are good for you, helping your body to react when it is in danger.


    However for some people, those anxious feelings can become overwhelming, creating a cycle of negativity it can be hard to get out of.


    This can impact our ability to get on with everyday tasks and make once enjoyable things, such as socialising, seem virtually impossible.

    Exercise can sweep away panicked feelings, releasing feel good hormones into your body.


    Yoga is particularly recommended because it combines vital exercise with meditative focus on your wellbeing.


    One of the best things you can do for yourself is to step away from those things that cause anxiety levels to rise.


    Easier said than done, we know, but even small changes, like saying no to extra projects at work, limiting contact with dramatic friends or asking for help with housework or school runs may help.


    Alcohol consumption is strongly linked to feelings of anxiety, so it is best to avoid drinking if you are prone to feelings of stress.


    There are also numerous herbal remedies for anxiety out there that can help you to tackle the symptoms of anxiety in a natural, gentle way.


    These anti-anxiety supplements can be a good place to start if you are nervous about taking prescription medications.

    Some people find that natural supplements for anxiety help them to enjoy improved sleep and a more even mood.


    Many of these supplements are mild and natural sedatives.


    This means they may be effective sleep aids, giving you the rest you need to help you to better deal with feelings of anxiety. They may also help to slow a racing mind, so you can better process your feelings and fears.

    Good herbs for anxiety include valerian, a natural sleep aid thought to help relieve symptoms of stress.


    Also popular is St. John’s wort, used to aid low mood and mild anxiety. Some people also find that rhodiola can help ease some of the symptoms of anxiety, including fatigue and exhaustion.


    For temporary feelings of anxiety and stress, many people turn to Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy, a completely natural flower remedy said to bring about a feeling of calm in challenging times.

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