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    Following your workout, you will need to replenish some of the protein, amino acids and essential vitamins that are lost in order to support your muscle recovery.

    Your body needs the right fuel to maximise your results - whether you are looking to gain muscle or lose weight, your nutrition is as important as your workout.

    At Holland & Barrett, we have a wide range of post workout supplements, which can support your fitness goals and help you get the most out of your training.

    Whey protein for post workout

    Whey protein powder is one of the most popular exercise supplements and it is a great post workout option.

    Whey protein is a mix of milk proteins, which are produced during the cheese-making process, and it contains all nine of the essential amino acids.

    The body needs protein after workout to maintain and grow muscle.

    Most whey protein powders can simply be dissolved into milk or water, to make a post workout shake.

    You can also add protein powders to baking recipes or else blend with fruit, to make a post workout smoothie.

    The anabolic window: the best time to take your post workout supplement

    It is usually recommended that you take a whey protein supplement 15-60 minutes after exercise, as this period is known as the ‘anabolic window’, which is the perfect time to get the most benefits from protein.

    PE Nutrition Simply Whey is available in different flavours including Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. This protein powder is low calorie and high quality, the perfect formula for supporting your muscles.

    If you are looking for a whey powder which will help to support your weight management goals, then try PhD Diet Whey Powder Belgian Chocolate.

    Post workout snacks

    If you prefer a snack to satisfy your post workout hunger then there are plenty of options available.

    A protein bar will not only help to support muscle maintenance but may also help to satisfy those sweet cravings.

    Fulfil Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar is low in sugar and provides 20g of protein as well as nine vitamins. Simply pop one in your gym bag and eat on your way home.


    Post workout supplements help with muscle recovery as well as muscle building. Post workout supplements include whey protein, BCAAs and casein protein.

    Following your workout, you should ensure that you eat a snack or a meal which is rich in protein to help build lean muscle. So you will be less tempted to reach for unhealthy snacks.


    You should try a whey protein supplement which can support your weight loss goal, such as Optimum Nutrition Lean Whey Sugar Free. This protein powder is both sugar free and low in fat.

    Following your workout, you need to ensure that you get the right nutrients to help your body rebuild and repair muscles and top up its glycogen stores, which are used as fuel during exercise.


    Foods that are high in protein or protein supplements will help to supply amino acids to your body which it uses to build and repair muscles.


    Most adults need around 0.75g of protein per kilo of their body weight per day (usually 45g for women or 55g for men) but this should be increased if you do a lot of exercise.


    Eating carbohydrates after workout will also help your recovery. Carbs help to replenish your glycogen stores and it is especially important for people who exercise every day to consume sufficient levels of carbs.

    Post workout refers to the nutrition that you need after you have been training or worked out.


    After working out, your body needs to rebuild its glycogen stores and regrow muscle proteins.


    Giving your body the right nutrition after you work out can help the body to do this more quickly and effectively.

    It is essential that you keep yourself well hydrated following your workout, especially if you have sweated a lot.


    Replenishing your body’s water levels can help to improve your muscle flexibility, as well as building strength, helping to support recovery


    BCAA supplements are great for post exercise recovery. Xtend Hydrasport Strawberry Kiwi helps to support muscle protein synthesis and electrolyte balance.


    It contains BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine in the clinically studied 2:1:1 ratio and is calorie, carbohydrate and sugar free. Simply mix one round scoop with water following exercise.

    Steer clear of fatty or high sugar foods as these can provide empty calories for your body and leave you feeling hungry again before too long.


    Make sure that you do not deliberately avoid eating after your workout. Avoiding food will not help your body to rebuild its glycogen stores and repair and grow your muscles.

    Following a cardio or high intensity interval training (HIIT workout), you should eat a protein rich snack, as well as replenishing the fluids you may have lost with water or a post workout drink.

    You should take a casein supplement such as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein Powder before you go to bed.


    Casein is a slow-release protein and so will provide your body with a protein source during the night. You can take this supplement in place of a small meal if you prefer.


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