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    If you are pushing yourself to hit peak performance, then it might be time to try some intra workout supplements, as they are specially formulated to give your workout an extra boost.

    Whether you are trying to knock a second off your average mile time or bench press another kilo, our intra workout shots, tablets and powders are here to help.

    Intra workout nutrition is particularly suited to those doing endurance exercises, such as long distance running or cycling, as they help to maintain performance.

    Branched-Chain Amino Acids supplements

    Intra workout amino acids are a great way to support your fitness goals.

    Around a third of the protein in your muscles is made up of Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs), which are not produced by the body and therefore must be consumed through your diet.

    BCAA intra workout supplements get straight to work in your muscles and do not need to be processed in the same way that other essential acids might and therefore can help to maintain and build muscle efficiently.

    PE Nutrition Performance BCAA Powder Strawberry & Watermelon is an essential amino acid complex, which helps to grow your workout potential.

    This refreshing drink has a fruity strawberry and watermelon flavour and provides 5g of BCAAs per 6g serving, with an industry standard ratio of 2:1:1 with amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine.

    PE Nutrition Performance BCAA Powder is also available in Fruit Punch flavour.

    Intra workout shots

    Intra workout shots provide an intense pick up in a small package – a great alternative to energy drinks, which can sometimes be high in caffeine and sugar.

    James White Drinks Organic Ginger Zinger Shot is designed to invigorate the senses and pick you up.

    It contains no artificial additives, colours, flavours or preservatives and is made with crushed ginger juice, pressed apple and water.

    If ginger is not your thing, you could try the James White Drinks Turmeric Zinger Shot instead.

    Effervescent tablets

    Effervescent tablets provide fast hydration that can improve performance while being virtually free from calories,

    SIS Go Hydro Tablets Lemon Tablets have a scientifically based formulation which can help to improve performance by keeping you effectively hydrated. They ensure that all of your electrolyte requirements are met too.

    They are super easy to take too – just drop a tablet into your water bottle or shaker prior to racing or training, wait for it to dissolve and then drink.


    An intra workout supplement is something which you take during your workout.


    This might take the form of intra workout carbs or amino acids.  An intra workout helps support your performance as well as your energy levels.


    These supplements should keep you hydrated as well as keeping your electrolyte levels topped up and starting the recovery process for your muscles.


    Intra workout supplements are available as shots or drinks, effervescent tablets or powders. They are usually taken during endurance workouts like long distance running or cycling. 

    An intra workout drink is a drink which you can take during your workout to help support your performance.


    James White Drinks Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice is a source of natural dietary nitrate and is free from additives and preservatives.


    It contains 90% beetroot juice and 10% fresh apple juice and is great for a boost during your workout.

    An intra workout supplement helps to keep the body hydrated and can help you to maintain high energy levels during training or endurance exercise.


    Intra workouts help to replenish energy that has been burned and support you to make the most of your efforts.

    Intra workout supplements are supplements which can be taken during exercise, in order to help support your energy levels and help you to maintain peak performance.


    They should be taken during your workout, rather than before or after it.


    They usually come in the form of a drink but these can differ, from pre-made drinks such as James White Drinks Organic Xtra Ginger Zinger Shot, effervescent tablets, which dissolve into water, like Phizz Orange Multivitamin & Hydration Effervescent Tablets and BCAA powders such as Grenade Defend BCAA Tropical which can be mixed with water.

    There are lots of options for intra workout supplements that can be taken during your training session. The one you choose will really depend on personal preference and which works best for you.


    You can choose from intra workout shots, BCAA powders and effervescent tablets.


    Try O.R.S Sport Hydration Tablets in Berry or Orange flavours, for a vegan intra workout. Just pop one in your water to dissolve.


    This low calorie electrolyte mix gives you fast effective hydration, as well as magnesium and vitamin D, to help reduce fatigue and support muscle recovery.


    A great option for women is Women’s Best BCAA Amino Ice Tea Peach.


    It contains branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine in a proven ratio of 2:1:1 to provide maximum support for your muscles. 

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