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    Many of us often find ourselves in need of a caffeine fix to get through our day. Whether it's a quick pick-me-up before the gym or a mid-afternoon energy slump, you'll likely find yourself looking for a much-needed energy boost.

    Generally, most of us will reach for another cup of coffee, but why not try something a little different? At Holland and Barrett, we have many delicious energy and pre-workout drinks for you to try. Some even come as a single shot, so you can have a fast and fuss-free way to increase your energy.

    Are energy drinks good for you?

    Whilst they are no replacement for a good night’s sleep, energy drinks can be a great choice for a quick energy boost if you start to feel sluggish. Energy drinks can be enjoyed as part of a varied and balanced diet when consumed in moderation - we recommend sticking to just one a day.

    If you are looking for a low-sugar option, we have plenty of natural energy drinks that rely solely on their ingredients to give you that energy fix. So, without added sugar or artificial caffeine, you can get a natural energy buzz without missing out on flavour.

    The best energy drinks at Holland and Barrett

    There are plenty of choices available in many irresistible flavours, such as orange, berry, ginger, chocolate and vanilla, and in different formats, from gels, tablets and liquids. 

    If you are in a rush in the morning or looking for something to throw in your gym bag to drink after a workout, the Huel 100% Nutritionally Complete Meal is a perfect choice. Vegan-friendly and with a delicious chocolate flavour, this energy drink contains 26 essential minerals, vitamins, proteins and more. So, you can boost your energy whilst getting loads of great vitamins too.

    Some drinks also come in tablet form, like the zingy SIS Go Hydro Tablets Lemon 20 Tablets, for an energy and hydration boost. Add to a glass of water in the morning to keep you going through the day, or pop in your bag to take to work; these convenient tablets are great for on the go.

    So, if you're looking for a new way to give yourself an energy kick, a tantalising energy drink could be an option for you.

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