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    They say that to really get to know someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes, but what if those shoes are home to feet that are less than desirable?

    We often do not pay enough attention to our feet, especially in the winter. And that is when problems such as athlete’s foot, cracked heels and bad odour start to occur.

    These problems can go unchecked for a long time, and we often do not deal with them until they become overwhelming, painful or we are aware that our feet will be on show in summer flip flops.

    But don’t worry! A good foot care routine is easy to implement, and it can help to keep your feet looking and feeling great all year round, no matter what you put them through.

    What kind of problems can my feet suffer from?

    Hard skin

    One of the most common problems that most people’s feet encounter is hard skin.

    This can build up on the parts of the feet that work the hardest, such as the heels and the underside of the toes.

    Despite the fact that many of us have it, we very often ignore it. This can lead to it becoming cracked, sore and uncomfortable.

    Hard skin is caused by repeated friction and pressure and in some cases, it can also turn into corns.

    This should not be a cause for concern; it is your body’s way of protecting your skin from further damage. But you may want to address it if it becomes uncomfortable or looks less than attractive in summer flip flops.

    Using a foot cream such as the Dr Organic Manuka Honey Foot & Heel Cream is a great way to tackle this.

    The combination of manuka honey and a complex blend of extracts means that calluses are softened and eliminated, whilst dry and cracked areas of the feet are moisturised.

    Athlete’s foot

    Athlete’s foot is another common problem that most people will experience at some point in their lives.

    This is a fungal infection that occurs when feet have become very sweaty, usually in tight fitting shoes.

    It can begin to look like a scaly rash that can itch or sting. And one of the best ways to deal with this is with a product such as the Miaderma Athlete’s Foot Spray which is intended for the treatment and prevention of athlete’s foot.

    What natural foot care products are there?

    There are a whole range of different foot care products available, all harnessing the best that the natural world has to offer.

    CBD is increasingly popular as an aid for foot discomfort.

    CBD foot cream

    The Jacob Hooy CBD Foot Cream combines CBD with vitamin E and menthol for a nourishing and fresh feeling. It is a vegan product which uses rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils to calm, nourish and care for dry skin.

    Our feet might be what helps us to get from one place to another, but they are actually a tool for so much more.

    Reflexology footpads

    The Crystal Spring Detoxology Footpads contains 14 natural purifying footpads which can be worn overnight.

    Foot deodorant

    When we think of feet, many of us often think of that unfortunate odour associated with them.

    The vegan-friendly Salt of the Earth Peppermint & Tea Tree Natural Foot Deodorant Spray uses a mix of natural mineral salts, essential oils and aloe vera to offer long-lasting and effective protection from foot odour.  


    If your feet are in some serious needs of help, then the Magnitone Well Heeled 2 Rechargeable Express Pedicure System could be for you.

    This uses long-lasting, micro-crystal rollers to gently buff away dry, hard and rough skin from the soles and heels. This is much easier to use than foot files or pumice stones, and is a splashproof and fast drying path to salon-soft feet.

    These products are an amazing way to help you put your best foot forwards, knowing that your feet feel fantastic, look great and smell fresh.

    This is something that can now be achieved by using gentle and natural containing products, ensuring that you really do give your feet a treat.


    Athlete’s foot is a common complaint, and it is fairly simple to fix depending on severity.


    The condition is usually identifiable through itchy white patches between your toes, fluid-filled blisters and red, sore and flaky patches on your feet.


    Athlete’s foot is usually found on the soles or sides of your feet, but in some cases, it can also spread to your toenails.


    This is not the kind of condition that will go away by itself and will need proper intervention.


    The Miaderma Athlete’s Foot Spray has been designed as an athlete’s foot treatment.


    Keeping your feet dry is one key to preventing athlete’s foot, so making sure you dry them thoroughly after washing, particularly between the toes, is important.


    Try to make sure that you wear clean cotton socks every day and take your shoes off when you are at home, to allow your feet to breathe.


    Athlete’s foot is contagious, so do not share towels or walk around barefoot.


    Try to avoid anything that makes your feet hot and sweaty and do not scratch any affected skin, as it can spread to other parts of your body.

    At some point in our lives, we will all have noticed a build up of hard skin on our feet.


    This most commonly occurs around the heels, the big toe and the balls of the feet and is caused by repeated pressure and friction against your skin.


    The skin starts to appear thicker and becomes hard and waxy in appearance. It is important to remember that whilst it might not look very pretty, there is not actually anything wrong unless it develops into corns or calluses.


    Hard skin is your body’s way of responding to stress and preventing further damage.


    There are many ways to get rid of hard skin, including the Dr Organic Manuka Honey Foot & Heel Cream which will soften and help reduce calluses whilst moisturising cracked and dry skin.


    This luxurious rescue cream is suitable for vegetarians and combines unique Manuka Honey activity with a combination of extracts to nourish and hydrate the feet.


    Soaking the feet in warm water for a few minutes will soften the skin, before using a pumice stone to buff the hard skin away in steady circular motions.


    The So Eco Natural Lave Pumice gently and naturally removes hard skin from the feet.


    By exfoliating dead skin from the foot, it reveals softer, newer skin beneath.


    You can then follow up with a moisturiser like the Ambience CBD Infused Foot Care Moisturiser to soothe the skin.


    The Badger Mini Foot Balm is a handy product to have at home as its essential oil blend of peppermint, tea tree and rosemary offer cleansing and refreshing benefits that moisturise and soothe even the roughest dry and cracked feet and heels.


    Take a look at our article on ‘How to get rid of hard skin on feet’ for some other great tips on dealing with cracked heels and hard skin.


    When it comes to natural foot care, it is important to make sure you are making this a regular part of your grooming routine.


    These dry feet products are an important part of keeping your feet healthy, so put your best foot forwards and show those toes some love.

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