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    Eye Make-Up

    Our eyes say a lot about us, which is why there is now so much make-up on the market focused just on the eyes.

    Eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners have all been designed to bring out the best in these features, making them seem wider, clearer or simply more obvious.

    As the eyes are so sensitive, many people find that they have reactions to these products.

    Happily, there are now a lot of natural eye make-up products available that still look great but avoid the redness and the watering that many traditional make-up items can bring.

    So, if you are in the market for more natural eye makeup, including vegan makeup and organic makeup, keep your eyes peeled and read on!

    Are there natural mascaras?

    Whether you are concerned about the planet, opting for a vegan lifestyle or simply making a move towards a clean beauty regime, it is possible to swap many of your traditional make-up products for more natural versions.

    Clean beauty is about avoiding synthetic ingredients in favour of those provided by nature.

    You can find out more about ‘What is clean and conscious beauty?’ and how to make the switch in our helpful Health Hub article.

    Mascara is an essential item in any make-up bag, and it is possibly the only item of make-up that can be worn on its own.

    It is used to make the lashes look longer and thicker, which can help to make the eyes seems larger and more open.

    However, it often contains ingredients that can sting the eyes both whilst wearing it or when you take it off.

    Natural mascara, such as the PHB Ethical Beauty All In One Natural Mascara is hand made with botanical oils which are gentle on your eyes and condition and protect the lashes. The plant waxes within it provide the length and volume that we all seek, and acacia gum ensures long lasting results.

    One factor that puts many people off switching to natural or organic make-up is the concern that the results will not be as good as they are used to.

    Lily Lolo can dispel all of these fears with their gorgeous Natural Mascara which is lash defining and perfect for a dramatic night time look.

    What other types of natural eyeliner are there?

    If you spend your time in front of the mirror trying to perfect the perfect wings or a smooth, straight line, then you will probably also pay close attention to the type of eyeliner that you use.

    Eyeliner is the main tool in creating the perfect smoky eye look, as it allows itself to gently be smudged across the lid.

    Using an eyeliner pencil such as the Lily Lolo Natural Eye Pencil allows you to switch between a blendable colour and a crisp line close to the lashes. This one has a long-lasting and moisturising formula which is enriched with jojoba oil to regulate the oil and moisture content of the skin.

    This type of natural make-up is so gentle that it is safe for use even on the water line of the most sensitive eyes.

    Can I buy natural eyeshadow?

    Natural eyeshadow often comes in the form of a pressed powder such as this Lily Lolo Eye Shadow which offers highly pigmented colour mixed with natural oils and sea holly extract.

    The Pacifica Super Powder Supernatural Eye Shadow gives you three gorgeous shades in one, allowing you to create a variety of beautiful looks.

    Changing your make-up style means breaking the habits of a lifetime but exchanging traditional synthetic make-up for natural versions is much easier.

    This does not require any compromise in the way you look or even your methods for applying your make-up, but has great benefits for your skin, your eyes and the planet as a whole.

    Keeping your eyes open for these natural products is easy to do and you will soon thank yourself for making the change.

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