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    Hair sprays, also known as hair lacquers, are used for styling hair and as protection against humidity and wind.


    They are essentially a blend of polymers (for structure), propellants, lustre agents, and fragrances.

    We have been using hair sprays for almost a hundred years now.

    Hair sprays were facilitated by the development of aerosol cans. This novelty was part of the reason behind the popularity of ‘updos’ – fancy side bun hairstyles, braids, and curls – in the nineteen fifties and sixties.

    Why use hair spray?

    Hair spray is a styling tool which allows you to keep adjusting your hair until you are completely happy with it.

    You can try one style out, undo it, then simply apply a bit more spray once you have your hair just how you like it.

    Your hair should then keep its shape all day long, even if you get stuck in the rain, or if it is humid or dry.

    You can also use hair spray to tame your frizz and to give the appearance of fuller hair.

    Hair spray creates the aesthetic of volume by preventing flatness: it helps your hair to stand up a bit.

    For that beach-hair look, apply the hair spray, then tousle the strands of hair with your fingers.

    Finally, hair spray can help with healthier-looking hair. Many hair sprays contain extra nutrients or oils such as coconut for added softness, and to moisturise and help prevent split ends.

    What is natural hair spray?

    Natural hair sprays are non-aerosol and free from synthetic chemicals like silicones and artificial fragrances. They are made using natural ingredients and fragrances that are known to be less damaging to the hair. You still get the same effect when using hair sprays that aren’t natural, but without build-up and frizz.

    Alternative uses for hair spray!

    Did you know that there are few alternative things that you can use hair spray for, that have nothing to do with hair?!

    Hair spray is a useful tool to combat static when your clothing sticks to your tights, for example.

    It can also be used for permanent marker stains as well as stopping a run in your stockings from getting any longer. Just spray directly on to the rip.

    How to use hair spray

    For the best outcome, choose products which are tailored for your specific hair type – for thick, straight, oily, or dry hair.

    1. To add volume - To add volume, use a comb or your fingers to part your hair in layers and spray a little in between each layer. Focus on your roots and on the top of your head.

    Hold the hair spray about 20 centimetres from your head when locking in your hair style. If you spray the surface of your hair too close you risk an uneven spray and an overly shiny look.

    To avoid using too much hair spray and weighing down your hair, a simple rule is to count to three and then move the spray on to a different part of your head.

    2. To define curls - For defined curls (as opposed to a more uniform ‘do’), spray along each curl, rather than all your hair together.

    Brush your hair first, then style, rather than the other way around. This is because you want to use the spray to hold your brushed hair in place and pulling a brush or comb through hair with spray on it can cause some strand wear.

    Be sure to cover your eyes when spraying or aim the bottle away from your eyes.

    3. To hold hair in place - To choose a strength of spray, consider the type of hair style you want.

    If you want to keep straight hair straight, go for a low-hold spray.

    If you need more hold for a bun, a medium will do.

    And if you have got a more complicated hair style and you will be moving around (for example, dancing all night), a strong hold is a good option.

    Best hair sprays

    Try the Hairburst Volume & Growth Elixir Spray, which is great for volume and also help protect from the negative effects of heat and pollution.

    It uses natural ingredients to help strengthen the hair. For best results, use it after washing your hair, while it is damp but not soaking wet. Then blow-dry your hair with your hair hanging downwards, to get extra volume. You can also use it like this on dry hair when you are on the go.

    You might also like to try Naturtint Styling Foam which is made from 99% natural ingredients.

    It is good for volume and hold, as well as for adding some additional vitality. Rich in vitamin C, this foam helps protect from the negative effects of free radicals. And the sunflower seed extract helps to slow colour fade.

    Alternatively, give Jason Thin To Thick Extra Volume Hair Spray a go for fine hair.

    This product is fortified with natural green tea and helps to lift the hair and provide a long-lasting hold.


    You can apply hair spray to either wet or dry hair. They are used for many reasons including holding a hairstyle in place, reducing frizz, providing texture and volume to hair etc.


    Hair spray is one of the most popular grooming products and is used by both women and men.

    If you use hairspray in moderation and opt for products that use natural and nourishing ingredients, there is a fairly low risk of any damage happening to your hair. If you use hairspray often, make sure that you wash your hair regularly.

    Hairspray can dry the hair out, so its best to not leave hairspray in overnight. If you decide to wash your hair before bed, make sure it is dry before you go to sleep. Sleeping with wet isn’t great for your health. Alternatively, you can break the hairspray down in your hair by using leave-in conditioner and then brush it out.

    There is no research to suggest that any hair products like hairspray, gels, shampoos etc can cause hair thinning or hair loss. The only thing to be careful of is pulling hair back tightly with continued traction, as in worse case scenarios this can contribute to hair loss.

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