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    Hair care can be fun and relaxing, but also a little complex to understand at times!


    Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly which products to use, given the diversity of hair types and needs.

    So let us break it down.

    Difference between hair serums and hair oils

    Hair serums

    Hair serums are used for styling. They can fight frizz and smooth your hair (and are therefore ideal for people with curly hair) as well as add shine (hands up if your hair is dry).

    The best way to use serums is applying just a few drops to recently-washed or wet hair. Serums also tend to be less oily than hair oils and use other ingredients as their main active ingredient.

    Hair oils

    Hair oils aren’t primarily for styling, although you can use them for that also.

    They are for conditioning and nourishing the hair. That means they sink into the hair strand and help improve its health, rather than coating them as serums do.

    Hair oils can add in fatty acids to your hair to replace lipids (fats, oils, waxes, and vitamins that make up the hairs’ structure). That then can help prevent split ends and breakage.

    Hair oils can be used as a mask (i.e. left on overnight); applied to dry hair because you feel you need them, or used on wet hair. You can also use them for a spot of eyebrow or beard taming!

    We recommend patch testing when using new products/ingredients on delicate areas such as the face.

    Types of hair oil

    1. Coconut hair oil

    Coconut oil is an incredibly multi-purpose and wholly natural product.

    When it comes to your hair, coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, and fatty acids. It works as a great hair mask for moisturising your hair. Apply it once a week, and see the difference.

    As coconut oil moisturises, it also adds shine. And, by help protecting your hair from breakage and split ends, it can help with healthy hair. You can also use it like a serum, to keep down frizzy hair and make those parts nice and smooth.

    When swimming, you can also comb coconut oil through your hair to help protect it from the chlorine in pools or the salt water at the beach.

    Try Miaflora Coconut Oil 200ml, which can also be used on your face and body as a cleanser to remove make-up as well as a moisturiser.

    2. Argan hair oil

    Extracted from the argan tree - endemic to northern Africa, Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

    It is another great option for helping to prevent hair breakage, especially on hair that is feeling the effects of chemical dyes or chemical straightening.

    Argan oil is a great moisturiser as well, and can also be used as such on your hair, skin, and nails.


    So then comes the question: Which is better, argan oil or coconut oil?


    Well, you cannot go wrong with either. Argan oil is a good option for day-to-day maintenance. Whereas coconut oil can be slightly more difficult to wash out and is therefore better suited for the scalp.


    Argan oil should be applied more regularly. It helps keep hair looking glossy, whereas if you go overboard with coconut oil, it can actually make your hair appear greasy.


    So, for this reason, it is best to keep coconut oil use to twice a week.


    Try Noah Regenerating Hair Mask - Argan Oil, which is ideal for helping with split ends and for improving the vitality and nourishment of your hair. This product is a mask which you can put on your hair after shampooing.


    Wait around five minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

    Hair oils can also be used to provide relief for an itchy or irritated scalp. They work as a moisturiser for a dry scalp.


    Apply the oil after showering, when your scalp is wet, so that it seals in the moisture. Then, if you have any left over on your hands, smooth it over the length of your hair.


    Dr Organic Hemp Oil Rescue & Restore Hair & Scalp Treatment is a leave-in mouse which can help support healthy hair.


    Put a few pumps-worth into your hands then massage it into your scalp, then work through your hair.


    You can brush or comb your hair at this point, and dry it and style it.

    There are lots of options, including the Gallinée Scalp and Hair Serum. Unlike the oils, its key ingredient is fermented rice water.


    It is a product that helps soothes the hair and soothe itchy scalp.

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