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    We might wash our hair every day and condition it on a regular basis, but have you ever wondered if there is any more you can do to take better care of your hair?

    You cleanse your skin on a daily basis, but that does not mean you can’t treat it occasionally with a face mask. And the same is true of your hair.

    Hair masks are a great way to improve the condition of your hair, to give it that extra wow factor that we are all looking for.

    Hair masks are easy to use and there are now loads that are packed full of natural ingredients that care for your hair as well as the planet.


    If your hair is suffering from damage from styling, colouring and the elements, then you might be in need of a natural hair mask.


    A hair mask is essentially a deep conditioning treatment that is designed to help rejuvenate tired, damaged hair.

    You might think that a hair mask does not sound much different to your typical conditioner, but it usually has a much heavier concentration than normal conditioners.


    Whilst a traditional conditioner might be washed off after a minute or two, a hair mask takes much longer, and some can even be left overnight to really allow it to get to work.


    The Dr Organic Hemp Oil Rescue & Restore Intensive Conditioning Mask is a strengthening mask that leaves hair feeling softer, stronger and shinier thanks to a combination of plant extracts and amino peptides.

    A hair mask is very simple to use. It has a creamy formulation that can be run through the strands of your hair.


    As your scalp produces natural oils, the mask should concentrate on the length of your hair instead. The product should give the hair a good coating and should then be left according to the instructions, which could be anything from a few minutes to a few hours.


    Once the time is up, simply rinse it out and enjoy your luscious new locks.

    The best thing about hair masks is that there is something for everyone. From the driest to the oiliest hair, it is possible to find a mask that works for your hair type.


    You can also look for colour protection, added volume or even a stimulator to achieve exactly the look you want.


    One example is the Noah Color Protection Hair Mask which creates a protective film that helps to prolong hair colour, elasticity and resistance, with flower seeds and hydrolyzed rice proteins.

    Hair masks are not designed for daily use, but how frequently you use them largely depends on the condition of your hair.


    Most people find that once a week is plenty. However, if you use a lot of heat products such as hair straighteners, then you might what to use them more often.


    The Naturatint Nourishing Hair Mask can be used as a weekly treatment to nourish, and help protect the hair using natural and plant and seed oils. It has been designed specifically for dry and lifeless hair to help restore its natural shine.

    A hair mask is great for solving all sorts of problems. They can hydrate the hair, help protect it, help repair it and even add shine to ensure the difference is always clear.


    The Faith In Nature Coconut & Shea Hair Mask hydrates both your scalp and normal to dry hair with the help of organic coconut oil.


    Hair masks are a fabulous way to inject new life back into your hair. Natural oils such as jojoba, olive oil, almond oil and even avocado oil help to nourish the hair, whilst yoghurt can help to prevent dandruff and egg yolk can provide moisture.


    Simply apply a mask of your choosing on a regular basis and then revel in how your hair feels and looks.

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