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    From the bathroom to the kitchen and everywhere in between, these green cleaning products are everything you need to keep your home spick and span.

    Holland & Barrett offer a wide range of household cleaning products, many of which are eco-friendly and made from natural ingredients which are friendly to your house, the planet and your skin.

    Choose from everyday essentials such as cleaning spray and washing powder, alongside all the products you will need for a big spring clean.

    Best cleaning products for the bathroom

    The bathroom can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why it is essential to keep it clean.

    Bathroom cleaner

    Method Tub & Tile Spray is a fantastic, non-toxic cleaning products.

    This bathroom cleaner dissolves soap scum and other stains and is easy to use, so you won’t need much elbow grease. It will leave your bathroom sparkling!

    All of Method’s eco-friendly cleaning products are sustainable. Their bottles are recycled from old bottles and the cleaners are biodegradable.

    Every material we use is assessed by independent scientists for environmental quality and safety for people and the products are cruelty free. So they are kind to the planet, people and creatures. Perfect for a spot of responsible cleaning!


    Clean bathrooms start with clean hands and bodies! Therefore it is essential that you have a good soap available.

    Faith in Nature Lavender Soap is a natural soap which is handmade with essential and organic oils.

    It is Vegan Society certified and comes in plastic free packaging so if you have been considered swapping out your bottled hand soap for bars, now is the time!

    Best cleaning products for the kitchen

    As the area where you prepare and eat food, it is very important to keep your kitchen clean.

    Regular cleaning will also help maintain your floors, cupboards and appliances as well as keeping it looking lovely.

    Cleaning spray

    Method All Purpose Cleaning Spray packs a powerful cleaning punch on worktops, tiles, stone, wood and glass.

    Method eco cleaning products hurt the dirt without harming the planet and this lavender fragranced spray also smells amazing. Perfect for keeping the heart of the home free from grease and grime.

    Floor cleaner

    Ecover Floor Cleaner provides natural floor care for all non-treated floors such as tiles, marble, concrete and linoleum so is perfect for use in the kitchen and bathroom to protect the floor and prevent staining.

    It is made from plant-based and mineral ingredients which are quick to biodegrade, which impacts only minimally on marine life.

    The bottle is also made from 100% recycled plastic and the product is never tested on animals, so it really is an eco-friendly cleaning product.

    The best products for laundry

    Once you have taken care of the house, it is time to clean your clothes!

    It is really important that you choose laundry products that are kind to your skin, especially if you have little ones whose skin is more delicate.


    A lot of detergents contain enzymes which “eat” the dirt from your clothes but unfortunately these can often also irritate sensitive skin.

    Attitude Laundry Liquid Citrus Zest is a natural laundry detergent which does not contain any enzymes and is therefore suitable for the whole family.

    As well dermatologically tested, it is also hypoallergenic. It doesn’t contain any known allergens or colour dyes and is free from artificial fragrances.

    This washing liquid is also very sustainable. It is Ecologo certified and biodegradable. It only contains natural and effective ingredients like the antibacterial green tea extract, and it has an uplifting citrus scent which keeps your washing smelling fresh.

    Washing powder

    Ecover Zero Washing Powder is specifically formulated to minimise the risks of allergies and contains 0% fragrances and colouring.

    It is also cruelty free and never tested on animals, so it is kind to nature as well as your skin.

    Fabric softener

    Attitude Little Ones Pear Fabric Softener has been created using natural, efficient and hypoallergenic ingredients to keep clothes super soft for babies and new-borns and their sensitive skin.

    One of the key ingredients in this fabric conditioner is green tea extract which keeps clothes fresh whilst the pear extract gives this fabric softener a soothing aroma.

    Better still, it can be used on cold water cycles and in both high efficiency and standard washing machines.

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