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    Following a vegan diet has never been so easy and delicious. For those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, Holland & Barrett has an extensive range of vegan treats & confectionery to choose from.

    The ever-increasing number of plant-based alternative ingredients coming to market mean that items that may have been off-limits before like marshmallows are now vegan-friendly, so you do not have to miss out on s’mores ever again!

    Are sweets vegan?

    There are so many different sweets on the market, you will find that some are vegan-friendly, while others are not.

    What would make a sweet unsuitable for someone following a vegan diet? Certain ingredients that are commonly found in non-vegan sweets include gelatine, beeswax, and carmine, as they come from animals.

    The good news is that there are plenty of plant-based alternatives readily available now, so finding a tasty veganised version of your favourite treat is easy.

    What vegan sweets are available?

    From fluffy vegan marshmallows to old favourites like pear drops and vegan jelly sweets, we have the best vegan sweets for you.

    Vegan Liquorice

    A childhood favourite for many, most liquorice is also suitable for vegans.

    Panda All-Natural Soft Liquorice is made with all-natural colours and flavours and tastes fantastic. This vegan liquorice contains less than 0.5g fat and has no white sugar or preservatives.

    If traditional liquorice is not for you, you can shop this liquorice in a delicious raspberry flavour, made with real raspberries for a mouth-watering taste.

    Vegan Marshmallows

    Vegan marshmallows are perfect for toasting on a bonfire, popping into hot chocolate or just as a sweet treat.

    The Dandies Vegan Vanilla Marshmallows are the ultimate light and fluffy treat. These melt-in-the-mouth vegan marshmallows are free from gluten, gelatine and artificial colours and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

    Or, for a chocolatey treat, try the vegan Mallow Puffs in an irresistible salted caramel and dark chocolate flavour. The perfect snack for your next chill-out evening, these premium chocolate-coated marshmallows for vegans are made with all-natural ingredients and are gelatine-free. 

    Vegan Jelly Sweets

    Soft, gummy sweets are often hard to find for vegans as they often contain gelatine, an animal-derived product from pigs or cows. The gelatine gives these sweets their jelly, chewy texture.

    The Free From Fellows Gummy Bears is a tasty, sugar-free snack. With lemon, apple, orange and cherry, this delicious mix of vegan gummy sweets is ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth.

    For a healthier option, why not try the Bear Strawberry Yoyo? Perfect for on-the-go snacking or tucking into your lunch box, this fruit roll is made with 100% pure fruit for a deliciously healthy snack. 

    What about vegan mints?

    If sweets are not your thing, you might like munching on mints instead.

    Not only is mint delicious, but they have other benefits too. For example, mints can help freshen your breath and can help keep your overall oral health.

    Plaque bacteria produce acid from the sugars in our food and drinks. This can dissolve the enamel and dentine of the tooth, causing cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.

    Chewing sugar-free, vegan gum such as Peppersmith Fine English Peppermint Chewing Gum can help to protect your teeth and gums from acid. Sugar free chewing gum helps you produce more saliva, a natural defence against acid build-up. This because it contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralization, neutralisation of plaque acids, the reduction of oral dryness.

    Peppersmith Fine English Peppermint Fresh Mints contain xylitol which has been shown to reduce dental plaque. Pop these vegan mints in the car for a fresh hit wherever you go.

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