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    Flapjacks are delicious oat-filled bars that can be enjoyed as a nutritious snack or served as a dessert. Infused with oats, golden syrup and butter, flapjacks have a rich, sugary flavour. Holland & Barrett offer a range of appetising flapjacks, which include gluten and wheat free types.

    Oat Benefits

    As an oat-based food, flapjacks offer all of the nutrition and health benefits of oats. Studies have shown that beta-glucan, a substance found in oats, can help normalise cholesterol.

    Eating oats that are high in soluble fibre on a daily basis has its benefits. Fibre is important in maintaining proper bowel movements.

    Holland & Barrett supply a range of delectable flapjack treats in some truly mouth-watering flavours to ensure that oat consumption does not go amiss. Some of our notable products include:

    Holland & Barrett is a trusted provider of organic, healthy foodstuffs that are designed to uphold your health and wellness levels. You can browse by category today to find the flapjack snack of your choice.