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    Many of us are nowadays on a mission to eat healthier food. But one area that can really challenge this lofty goal is snacks.

    How can we make healthy choices, and make sure we have healthy snacks for kids?

    But never fear! Today there are plenty of healthy options to choose from, whether you are a long term aficionado of the healthy diet, or have recently made a change and are now looking for “healthy fast food” to fill your cupboards with.

    Protein snacks

    High protein snacks are often healthy snack options to buy and stock your cupboards with, as you embark on your healthy eating journey.

    When you are exercising a lot, it can help to take in extra protein, to assist with building maintaining muscle mass.

    Grenade Carb Killer White Chocolate Cookies are a tasty, crunchy protein heavy alternative to traditional sugar heavy cookies. With less than 2g of sugar per cookie and at least 22g of protein, this is the perfect post workout snack.

    Other gym bunny favourites are the Nutramino Protein Bar Coconut, the Nutramino Protein Bar Caramel, the Nutramino Protein Bar Crispy Chocolate Brownie, the Nutramino Protein Bar Dark Chocolate and Orange, Nutramino Protein Chunky Peanut and Caramel and the Nutramino Protein Bar Vanilla and Caramel.

    Filling Snacks

    Do you find yourself craving chocolate? Often we desire sweet foods when really, we would be better off with something more healthy and filling.

    So if you do find yourself craving chocolate, then you might like to think about stocking up on some KIND bars. KIND bars are made with a mix of fruit, nuts and chocolate, and always with a salty twist.

    These delicious bars are filling, high in protein and fibre, and with no artificial ingredients. Try KIND Caramel Almont & Sea Salt flavour, KIND Dark Chocolate and Cherry Cashew, KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Bar, and best of all the unmissable KIND Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Bar. Your cupboard will never be the same again!

    Nature Valley is another brand leading the way in filling snacks. Try Nature Valley Oats and Honey bars, a crunchy, sweet and natural snack with an oaty base that will fill even a cavernous stomach in between meals.


    The best evening snacks

    Snack bars can be low calorie snacks enjoyed in the evening. These are some of the best snacks to buy for those after dinner, evening hunger pangs!

    Delicious Ella Apple Raising & Cinnamon Oat Bar: this sweet treat is packed with fruit to give natural flavour and energy. Its oaty base contains slow release carbohydrates to keep you going until breakfast.

    TORQ Flapjack Organic Ginger Cake: is a great choice for those looking for an organic option and something a little closer to nature.

    PhD Diet Whey Protein Bar: this redeveloped version of PhD’s popular protein bar has a layer of peanut butter over a soft, fudgy base. Delicious but with under 200 calories and less than 2g of sugar per bar.

    YES! Protein Cashew, Blueberry and Dark Chocolate bar: This bar is a plant based protein wonder, which is gluten free – and to top it all off, it comes in recyclable wrapping. The combination of creamy cashew, tart blueberries and bitter chocolate make for a guilt-free and delectable pre bedtime treat.

    Nakd bars have been around for a while now, but they are hard to resist. These bars are a little more of a special treat as they are not a low calorie snack, but they are completely natural: made by cold pressing ingredients together.

    Suitable for vegans and with no added sugar, this treat even counts towards one of your five daily fruit and vegetables. Try Nakd Lemon Drizzle bar for an especially cake-like post dinner treat.

    With a little planning, it is easy to keep up your healthy eating by choosing healthy snacks. And Holland and Barrett’s snack selection will keep you and those in your household energised and healthy!

    Our delicious range of snack bars are ideal for the start of the day or to snack on as the day goes on. Our snack bars come in a variety fo flavours and in the form of cereal bars, flapjacks, fruit and nut bars and protein bars. Many of our snack bars are suitable for vegans and are gluten free.

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