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Pasta originated in Italy and is traditionally made from durum wheat and water.

Pasta comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and is usually boiled in water to cook.

Pasta can be quite high in calories and carbohydrates and so many people look for organic and other pasta alternatives.

Low calorie pasta options

There are lots of low calorie pastas on the market, perfect for anyone looking to cut down their calorie intake.

Slim pasta

Eat Water Slim Pasta is available in the most popular pasta shapes including fettuccini,  penne and spaghetti, which can be eaten on their own with pesto or sauces or as an accompaniment to popular dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese.

Spelt pasta

Biona offers wholegrain spelt spaghetti and fusilli shapes, both of which are made from organically grown spelt.

Spelt contains high levels of fibre, b vitamins and more plant protein than wheat.

Chickpea pasta

Profusion Organic Chickpea Fusilli is a great source of protein which helps to support muscle growth and maintenance.

As anyone with a very active lifestyle will know, they need a high level of protein in their diet and so this pasta is an excellent choice.

This grain-free pasta is also packed with fibre, which can help support normal bowel function.

Lentil pasta

Another pasta which is a good source of protein and fibre is lentil pasta.

Profusion Organic Red Lentil Fusilli is made purely from red lentil flour. It is also organic and gluten free as well as being easy to cook for simple, no fuss, healthy dinners.

Chia pasta

Chia pasta is the only pasta which is a source of omega-3, adding even more nutritional value to this pasta alternative. Omega 3 contributes to the normal function of the heart.

Chia pasta only has three ingredients: chia, corn and rice flour. It is gluten free and it doesn’t contain sugars or any additives or colourants.

Low-calorie alternatives to other high carb foods

It is not just pasta that is high in carbohydrates. Noodles are traditionally used in Asian cuisine to make meals like chow mein and pad Thai, and are usually lower in calories than pasta.

However, they are still high in carbs compared to other foods and so an alternative may be needed if you are actively trying to decrease your carbohydrate intake.

Eat Water has a range of slim noodles including pad Thai and panang curry varieties.

These are meals that are steam sealed in pouches and ready to eat in minutes.

They are low in calories, gluten-free, vegan, low in sugar and salt and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Guilt free meals, perfect for health-conscious people who are too busy to cook from scratch.

Is there any pasta which is suitable for a gluten free diet?

There are many reasons for following a gluten free diet. These might be medical, for example people with coeliac disease, or you may have a gluten intolerance or allergy.

Intolerances can cause lots of different symptoms including headaches and fatigue, nausea and sickness, diarrhoea and rashes in some cases. Many people also switch to a gluten free diet as a lifestyle choice.

Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye and so if you are gluten free, any foods including these ingredients should be avoided.  

Traditional wheat-based pasta is not gluten free and so anyone with a gluten intolerance or on a gluten free diet would need to avoid it.

However, there are alternatives to traditional pasta which don’t contain gluten - so you don’t have to miss out!

Gluten free pasta alternatives include Eat Water Slim Pasta which is made from konjac flour, rather than durum wheat, Tree of Life’s Organic Spinach Pasta made from spinach and rice flour, and Explore Cuisine Organic Gluten Free Edamame Spaghetti, a green pasta made from edamame beans.

If you prefer gnocchi, don’t worry, you can even get gluten free gnocchi too!

Difatti Gluten Free Plain Gnocchi is gluten, dairy and egg free, unlike its traditional counterpart, so it is also suitable for vegans as well as anyone following a gluten free diet. Even better, it has no added sugar.

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