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    A great choice of honey, jams and other spreads, stashed away in the cupboard, ready to pile onto warm buttery toast for breakfast or a fresh roll at lunchtime, is one of life’s simple pleasures.

    At Holland & Barrett we offer both a wide range and quality selection of honey, jams and spreads. From our quality assured Manuka honey to our protein spreads - we're sure you'll find the best jam for your breakfast or best spread for lunch.

    The ultimate toast toppings for a nutritious breakfast

    Around two in five people in the UK choose toast for breakfast, according to one survey into the nation’s breakfast habit.

    Exactly which toast toppings those people choose, on the other hand, will depend on individual preference and availability.

    Seed and nut butter

    Thanks to our increased appreciation of nut and seed butters as a rich source of protein and other great nutrients, there is now a large variety available.

    Peanut butter

    The reigning champion is, of course, peanut butter.

    We cannot get enough of it, so we love the huge 1kg tubs by Pip & Nut and Meridian.

    Both brands are palm-oil free. But if you have had your fill of regular peanut butter, why not try something with a twist, such as Meridian’s Richer Roast Crunchy Peanut Butter or their Coconut & Peanut Butter.

    Or for those with a sweet tooth, try Pip & Nut Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter.

    A really popular newcomer in the peanut butter market is PPB Powdered Peanut Butter.

    As it is not mixed with oil, it contains up to 70% less fat than regular peanut butter and it is great for adding to smoothies or baking.

    And you can simply add water to make spreadable peanut butter.

    Almond butter

    One of the most popular alternatives to peanut butter is almond butter.

    Almonds are naturally higher in protein than peanuts and make a great alternative for anyone who suffers with a peanut allergy.

    Both Pip & Nut and Meridian do almond butter in various sizes.

    Sesame butter

    A new kid on the block is sesame butter. Sead do several delicious versions in honey, caramel and chocolate flavours.

    Jams and fruit spread

    What better to pair nut butter with than jam? Peanut butter and jam is a match made in heaven!

    But if that doesn’t float your boat, jams, compotes and other types of fruit spread are also a wonderful accompaniment to so many things, especially baked goods like cakes and scones.

    Look out for Meridian’s range. They make wonderful organic fruit spreads, including orange marmalade, blueberry, strawberry and blackcurrant.

    If you love jams but worry about their sugar content, then why not try The Skinny Food Co’s Not Guilty range?

    They do low sugar jams in blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, and apricot.

    Chocolate spread

    Another firm favourite for a nutritious and delicious breakfast are chocolate spreads, which are usually made from hazelnuts.

    Biona’s is organic and palm-oil free, while JimJam’s is low sugar and So Free Organic Rich Dark Chocolate Spread is dairy free.

    For gym lovers, Grenade does fabulous chocolate spreads that are low sugar and high protein in white, milk and hazelnut flavours.

    Honey, manuka honey & syrups

    If you are looking for something natural, nothing can beat honey for its wholesome and healthy goodness.

    We have a fantastic selection at Holland & Barrett, with everyday honey, and speciality honey such as Hilltop Honey Bulgarian Coriander and Orelia Balkan Linden Honey.

    Then of course there is a massive selection of the creme de la creme of honeys, Manuka honey from New Zealand.

    Manuka honey is known for its antibacterial properties, so it is great to add to hot drinks or cereal for daily support.

    Manuka honey has more power to fight bacteria thanks to the level of methylglyoxal. Look out for the methylglyoxal (MGO) number on our Manuka honeys. It ranges from MGO 40 to MGO 1000 and the larger the number, the higher the antibacterial properties.

    Delicious sandwich fillings

    For sandwich filling ideas, look no further. Holland & Barrett has a great range of vegan sandwich fillings and pates from Granovita.

    Whether you go for one of their pates in a tin, such as their Gourmet Pate with Peppercorns or spreadable pates in a tube, like Organic Herb, Mushroom, or Spicy Mexican, you can be sure of a filling, healthy sandwich.

    Make your own sandwich spreads

    If you are someone who likes to try new things, why not use Sunita’s Tahini to make your own hummus?

    Blend with a can of chickpeas, a clove of garlic, a pinch of cumin and some lemon juice and you’re done!

    Hummus is a perfect vegan spread to go with salad or grated vegetables.

    At Holland & Barrett we offer both a wide range and quality selection of honey, jams and spreads. From our quality assured Manuka honey to our protein spreads - we're sure you'll find the best jam for your breakfast or best spread for lunch. 

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