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Coffee & Coffee Substitute

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    Coffee is now the most popular choice of hot beverage across the world and regularly drunk by billions of people.

    In the UK alone, it is estimated that around 95 million cups of coffee are drunk every day.

    What is coffee and how is it made?

    Coffee originated in Ethiopia, Africa, where it was discovered growing on the first coffee trees. Coffee beans are the seeds of berries from coffee trees which now grow in over 80 countries around South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

    Once these berries turn from green to bright red, this means they are ripe and so they are then picked, processed and dried. They are then roasted to different degrees, depending on what kind of flavour is required.

    Roasted coffee beans are then ground and brewed with hot water in order to produce the beverage that we know and love.

    You can purchase coffee to drink at home in an instant form, where a spoonful is simply mixed with hot water. Or, if you have a little more time, ground coffee which can be made in a coffee machine or a cafetiere.

    Are there any health benefits to drinking coffee?

    Historically, coffee has something of a poor health reputation due to its caffeine content (although decaffeinated coffee is now readily available). This often means that the health benefits that coffee also brings are often overlooked.

    Nevertheless, there are a few health benefits which drinking coffee can bring.

    Coffee is naturally high in antioxidants,

    There is also some research to suggest that drinking coffee can help to support your metabolism, and that it may help with fat oxidation both during physical activity and when you are resting too due to its high caffeine content.

    Flavoured coffees

    If the regular flavour of coffee alone is not enough, there is a wide range of flavoured coffees available for you to try.

    Littles offer a wide range of instant coffee flavours, with everything from amaretto coffee to chocolate orange coffee. With such great flavour infused choice, there is one to suit any mood!

    Coffee for weight management

    As previously mentioned, coffee can help to support your metabolism.

    Skinny Coffee Club is a 28 day programme where you drink a specially formulated cup of coffee each morning.

    It is made using all-natural ingredients, which are sourced for their unique properties.

    This slimming coffee is designed to help you lose weight and support your metabolism.

    Is caffeine bad for you?

    Caffeine is a natural stimulant which works by stimulating the brain and nervous system and coffee is one of the most common sources of it. It is also present in tea.

    Caffeine helps you to stay alert, which is why coffee is often dunk in the morning and during a busy day at work. But it can also have some negative effects.

    Excessive levels of caffeine increase both heart rate and blood pressure, leading to issues with your overall health.

    Caffeine can also cause some unwanted side effects including anxiety, insomnia and digestive issues. It should therefore be drunk in moderation.

    What alternatives to coffee are available?

    For the above reasons, you may want to avoid caffeine or cut down on your daily intake, but still indulge in some delicious coffee substitutes.

    Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to coffee which may just hit the spot.

    Decaffeinated coffee

    Little’s Coffee Brazilian Decaf is an instant coffee with minimal caffeine content.

    Containing just four calories per cup, it has a rich, quality flavour.

    Barleycup powder

    Barleycup Powder is an all-natural alternative to coffee which is made from cereals such as barley and rye, and chicory.

    It is caffeine free as well as being fat free and high in fibre, which helps to promote a healthy digestive system.

    Roasted chicory drink

    Another great coffee alternative is Prewetts Roasted Chicory drink.

    This gluten-free and caffeine-free drink is great as a warming bedtime cuppa which won’t keep you awake.

    This drink is made from the root of the chicory plant which is a good source of inulin.

    Inulin is a prebiotic fibre which helps support gut microbiome.