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    Small but ever so mighty, seeds are absolute powerhouses of nutrients and minerals.

    From tiny little chia seeds to crispy brown linseed and everything in between, these plant-powered natural wonders are packed full of good stuff.

    And it’s no surprise that they are, since plants actually grow from them!

    Seeds: perfect for healthy snacking and brightening up meals

    Seeds are a perfect healthy choice to satisfy your snack cravings in between meals.

    They are extremely versatile and can be added to lots of different recipes including overnight oats.

    Seeds can also be blended into smoothies and or lightly toasted and then sprinkled on top of salads and pasta dishes, for a bit of extra crunch and flavour.

    If your kids enjoy a snack during the day (and let’s face it, which kids don’t?!), why not add a packet of seeds to their lunchboxes or backpacks? And enjoy peace of mind knowing that they’ll be eating healthier alternatives to crisps and sweets.

    You don’t need to eat a lot of them either. As they are packed full of protein and fibre, and because each seed has so many nutrients, your body doesn’t actually need that many of them.

    The recommended daily serving of seeds will of course depend on which seed you choose, but usually a tablespoon or two each day is enough. Seeds really are nature’s space savers.

    Good things really do come in small packages!


    These small kernels are high in the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function well.


    They are also high in fibre, which helps contribute to normal bowel function and prevent constipation.


    Because each seed has slightly different nutrients and benefits, it’s best to incorporate a range of different seeds into your diet to ensure that you are getting a nutritionally diverse mix.


    Here’s an idea of some of the nutrients in our most popular seeds:


    Pumpkin seeds


    Not just a decoration for Halloween, pumpkins have plenty of nutritional value in their seeds. Our organic pumpkin seeds are high in potassium, one of the most important minerals in the body. Potassium contributes to the normal function of the brain, nerves, heart and muscles. Pumpkin seeds also contain phosphorus which helps to keep bones healthy.


    Hemp seeds


    Hemp seeds are a great source of magnesium, a nutrient which is important for lots of the body’s processes, including contributing to the normal function of muscle and nerve functions. They are also high in fibre and low in salt and can be added to smoothies and shakes.


    Chia seeds


    These powerful little seeds are high in fibre and have become very popular over the last few years when their nutritional value has become very well publicised. They are a great plant-based source of protein which makes them very beneficial when included in a vegan diet, which can sometimes be deficient in protein, without any animal products in sight. Not content with all that, they also have omega-3 ALA (Alpha-linolenic Acid), calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium, providing 50% of your recommended daily intake of these minerals – now that’s impressive!


    Sesame seeds


    Perfect for use in Asian recipes, sesame seeds are a source of protein and packed full of fibre and iron. Sesame seeds are a perfect snack for you to have in your bag when you’re on the go. They can also be added as a topping to bread or cakes to add a little extra crunch.


    Flax seeds


    Our Milled Flax Seeds are high in fibre and a source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

    Yes, most seeds are suitable for people following restrictive diets like vegan or gluten free.


    They also may be beneficial if you are a vegan, as they are high in protein, which can sometimes be difficult to get through a plant-based diet. Always check the ingredients before you buy.

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