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    Start your day the right way with a bowl of delicious crunchy granola. There are lots of different varieties of granola, each containing slightly different ingredients, and it can be a great source of energy - perfect if you’ve got a busy day ahead.

    You can buy granola in a ready-made mix like Troo Granola Nicely Nutty with Cinnamon or Deliciously Ella Granola which contains almonds, oats, cinnamon, orange juice, maple syrup, coconut chips, raisins and seeds.

    Granola is very versatile and there is a ready-made granola mix to suit every taste, with ingredients varying from dried fruit to extra nuts and everything in between.

    If you have a bit more of a sweet tooth, why not try Troo Granola Chocolate with Orange which is high in fibre and also contains rich dark chocolate and tangy orange oil.

    Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make your own!

    How to make your own granola

    Making your own granola cereal at home means that you’re able to control what ingredients to include in it. Plus it’s super easy!

    If you don’t like one of the variety of nuts or seeds then just leave them out, or swap them for something else you’d prefer.

    If you fancy making your own, here’s what you need to make homemade granola:

    For the bulk of this healthy yet super simple granola recipe, you will need rolled oats, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds, dried berries and coconut flakes.

    You can also start your homemade granola with a Granola Base, oat clusters which have a hint of honey and don’t need to be oven baked.

    Mix all the ingredients, aside from the dried fruit and coconut flakes, with maple syrup, honey, vanilla extract and vegetable oil and mix together well. Pour this mixture into baking trays and spread evenly. Bake this in the oven for 15 minutes and then mix in the dried fruit and coconut flakes.

    Bake for 10-15 more minutes before removing and transferring the mixture onto a tray to cool. And then eat!


    Granola is essentially a toasted breakfast food made up of oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and a sweetener like honey or brown sugar.


    It’s similar to muesli, but arguably tastier thanks to its sugary coating. This gives granola a chunky, crunchy texture.

    If you are an active person, granola is packed with carbohydrates which fuel the muscles and provide slow releasing energy. Perfect for if you’re a gym bunny, you have an exercise class or you’re going running, hiking or cycling.


    The oats that make up the base of granola are very high in fibre which helps to support a healthy digestive system. Hopefully this will take you all the way through until lunch time, without the need for sugary snacks.


    Nuts and seeds bring omega-3 fatty acids to the granola mix, which may have health benefits for our bodies Including supporting the normal function of the heart.


    As well as this, nuts are high in protein which is important for muscle building and repair, again this is great if you’re keen on exercise.


    Granola can be high in sugar, and so it’s important to stick to the recommend portion guidelines in order to get the best benefits.

    Granola can be eaten for breakfast by adding milk or yogurt, a bit like a cereal. This helps to create a balanced breakfast with protein and calcium.


    Granola mixed with yogurt also makes a nice sweet dessert, a perfect after-dinner treat.


    You can also add extra ingredients to a ready-made healthy granola mix, for example fresh fruit like berries or bananas or extra nuts or pumpkin seeds – it’s incredibly versatile!


    Use a little granola in your baking to add a little extra crunch. Or try using it as a topping for muffins or baking it in bread.


    Granola can be crushed and then used as a crispy coating for chicken, fish, or a vegetarian alternative like tofu – delicious!

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