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6 products

Clinically studied live friendly bacteria

Pre, pro & post complex

Most advanced gut health range

Tailored to different wellness needs

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Tribitoics are our most advanced biotic gut health range with products for different wellness needs including immunity, mental balance, metabolism, women’s intimate health, children & baby. Each formula is a triple action biotic with a pre-, pro- & post- complex.

Each Tribiotic product contains kiwi fibre (a food source of our gut bacteria), a tailored blend of clinically studied bacterial strains and a postbiotic in the form of calcium lactate.  This gut complex is also fortified with essentials vitamins and minerals, and natural actives to support specific areas of daily wellness.

Kiwi fibre has a complex chain structure which means it takes more good bacteria to digest it and therefore supports a more diverse range of bacteria.

Postbiotic calcium lactate is naturally produced in the gut by friendly bacteria after it ferments the fibre. Postbiotics are the end product produced by good bacteria and in addition the calcium provided by each product in the range, this will help contribute towards the normal function of digestive enzymes.

All three are important for gut health. The 'pre-‘ part of this complex is kiwi fibre which is a food source for bacteria found in your microbiome. The ‘pro-‘ element refers to the clinically studied bacterial strains which have been carefully selected to complement those found in your gut. Postbiotics are the substances released from bacteria living in your gut after fermentation of different food sources, i.e. kiwi fibre.

Biotic factors, also known as biotic components, are living components in an ecosystem. As a term, biotic means “of or related to living organisms”. They interact and function as one unit

It is recommended to take two Tri Biotic capsules a day with plenty of water and to not exceed this dosage. Do not take these capsules with hot drinks as heat kills bacteria.

Each Tribiotic product contains around 35 billion live friendly gut bacteria. Each supplement is micro-encapsulated, meaning better bioavailability to ensure bacteria reaches the gut alive. They are stomach and bile resistant and requires no refrigeration, which also helps ensure the bacteria is alive when they reach the gut.

What our customers have to say

Love these. Perfect for keeping your gut healthy. Highly recommend. Don't underestimate gut health.

Tribiotics Immunity

I have been using these for a few days and I absolutely love them, I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels.

Tribiotics Mind Balance

These are full of great ingredients and just what I was looking for. Easy to consume.

Tribiotics Immunity

Shop Tribiotic Gut Health supplements at Holland & Barrett. Our most advanced Gut Health range, containing triple biotic factors including pre-, pro-, and post-biotics. Each product in our range contains different ingredients tailored to different wellness needs and because good gut health is so important to overall health, we’ve also created special baby & toddler products to give them best start possible.

This is still a relatively new area of science, but experts believe that having a diverse range of live friendly bacteria strains in your gut is linked to good gut microbiome and overall health.

Different lifestyle factors can impact the diversity of your gut bacteria and developing a diverse microbiome is key but fussy diets can limit this development, so we’ve created our most advanced Biotic Gut Health range with tailored products to provide a solution for good overall gut health.