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We've been putting nature first since 1974. We make effective natural products and eco values more accessible so that's it's easy for everyone to make better choices for themselves & the planet everyday.

We have faith in natural origin ingredients being better both in terms of efficacy and wellbeing. Our products are formulated with expert plant knowledge so they really work. That's why people have been choosing (and loving!) them for almost 50 years. We have faith that when everyone can go natural, everything gets better.

We have faith in nature.

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    Love this stuff. It smells great, is kind to my hair and scalp and reasonably priced too. I use the whole range of conditioner, body and hand wash.

    The body wash has a gorgeous smell which awakens the senses. I was not surprised that I liked it so much, as I have been using Faith in Nature Feminine wash, for some time, and rate that highly also.

    Simply the best! Best soap ever! Love this as its pure and smells lovely. Lathers so well.

    It all started with an avocado seed…

    Faith in Nature founder Rivka Rose had a long-standing love affair with plants. Her passion flourished from growing avocado seeds of her windowsill in New York to studying herbalism and eventually relocating to Scotland and founding Faith in Nature.

    Faith in Nature was one of the first companies concerned with ‘green’ beauty products – as you can imagine, it wasn’t very mainstream in 1974! This alone makes Faith in Nature the sort of passionate, trailblazing company you can trust.

    Harnessing the powers of nature without harming it…

    Faith in Nature believe in making decisions that put both our people and environment first. They make sure to manufacture locally, and only use naturally-derived, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients.

    Ready to find Faith in Nature?

    Faith in Nature Hair Care

    Every Faith in Nature Shampoo and Faith in Nature Conditioner is made with ingredients that are 99% of natural origin. As soon as you pop open the cap, you’ll be met with the invigorating aromas of natural ingredients that will nourish your hair. There’s a product for every hair type and they’re all vegan.

    Faith in Nature Body Care

    All Faith in Nature Body Wash varieties are enriched with essential oils and 100% natural fragrances. Each balanced formula cleanses your body and makes it smell great – all with the power of nature! They’re all suitable for vegans, too!


    Started here in the UK in 1974 by American-born Rivka Rose, Faith in Nature is a toiletries brand which has led the way in creating eco-centric products inspired by nature. 


    Long before going green was headline news, Faith in Nature was creating natural products using high quality, healthy ingredients.


    From Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner to Faith in Nature laundry liquid, the company is always ahead of the game in bringing organic, nature-driven products, free from pesticides, into the UK’s homes.

    We are all increasingly aware of how important it is to minimise waste, something this ahead of its time brand has been shouting about for many, many years.


    Whether you are looking to minimise packaging in the bathroom or want to know that the products you are using at home are safe and natural, Faith in Nature has you covered.


    Take for example a key product, the Faith in Nature shampoo bar. This bar combines the convenience of an easy to use shampoo with the luxuriant nature-inspired aromas of 100% natural essential oils. 


    Packaged in recyclable and recycled packaging, Faith in Nature conditioner and shampoo bars are what the brand is all about – convenience and quality without compromising your earth-friendly principles.

    Many Faith in Nature products, including Faith in Nature body wash as well as some shampoos and conditioners, handwashes and lotions are packaged in plastic bottles. So how does Faith in Nature square that with their green claims?


    Faith in Nature think it is important that their products are useable, affordable and practical, which is why they follow a policy of ‘what’s best for now’. 


    This means they are always on the look-out for a better solution. Recycled and recyclable since 1999 (hence their sometimes greyish colour) Faith in Nature shower gel, hand wash and other bottles minimise plastic waste, without costing the customer more or making using simple everyday products more challenging than it needs to be.


    Ever popular, the largest 5L Faith in Nature refill bottles make minimising plastic even simpler, giving you the option to bulk-buy while saving up to a year’s worth of bottles from refill. 


    The brand also offers a closed loop system on some bottles, taking them back for reuse wherever possible.


    So while many Faith in Nature products may not yet be 100% waste-free, work is ongoing to get them there. 


    In the meantime zero waste options, including Faith in Nature soap, shampoo and conditioner bars, are available for those who refuse to compromise their principles.

    Most of us are used to seeing the entire back of our shampoo or laundry detergent bottles covered with reams of long scientific ingredients, so Faith in Nature’s limited ingredient lists can come as a pleasant surprise.


    Each Faith in Nature product, from handwash to body cream, contains just a handful of carefully selected, best quality natural ingredients. 


    These products are simply made to minimise waste by using mainly organic (although not always certified) products and minimal, 100% RSPO approved palm oil, adding nothing that is not completely necessary.

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